I am mesmerized by color and nature. My mission is to combine these elements into stunning and sometimes bold accents. If you love a stylish decor and want a backdrop of serenity or bold focal points, my work will resonate with you.

At heart, I am playful. As a child, I spent my days sketching my classmates and drawing on anything that didn’t move. I’m inspired by everything from nature to fabrics. When I moved to Colorado Springs, I discovered an exquisite blend of artistic culture, beauty and diversity. And the majestic Rocky Mountains, Colorado sunsets and the art community became another wellspring of design inspiration for me.

After years of being a passionate ceramist – my mural journey began one day in 1984 while attending a tole painting workshop. I admired some stunning decorative painting on the walls. Taken by their easy elegance, I picked up a few supplies, began painting samples to show to design firms, and was soon swept up in a creative whirlwind that took me from ceramics and crafts to designing custom murals.

Like a stylish mad scientist, my curiosity and boldness ignited a love for design experiments. I painted one-of-a-kind murals. I taught myself to create wall paper effects and the art of Trompe L’oeil. Combining the unusual with the unexpected became my passion: castles floating on water, fairies in bubbles, little critters hiding in secret places and always a little bee to let onlookers know I had been there.

And with each day, as the sun sets over the Colorado mountains, I continue to find inspiration and create new one-of-a-kind designs–for women (and men) like myself, who want to journey through life soulfully surrounded by the kind of beauty they love to take in.


Philosophy:  The Bumblebee Theory

My philosophy is based on my trademark bumble bee. According to scientific data the bumble bee shouldn’t be able to fly yet somehow it does. As a self taught artist I have had the opportunity to fly, reaching artistic levels far beyond my expectations. The people and projects that have challenged me have also been the most instrumental in my growth. If you always stay within your comfort zone you will may never know your capabilities . . . take a chance.