Painting at The Broadmoor Resort in Colorado Springs

July was full of painting at the Broadmoor Resort in Colorado Springs. This is my seventeenth year painting at the Broadmoor. Although I am only there a few times a year, as I approach the porte cochere at The Broadmoor I am still awestruck by the wonder and beauty of this resort. The month started off with a […] […]

March Newsletter: Columbines & Poppies

You are a Priority Somewhere on your list of priorities should be you and things that make you smile. For me filling my surroundings with things I love is part of taking care of me. Some of the things I like to surround myself with are photos of family, remembrances of special times and art that I enjoy. Things that […] […]

Columbine & Poppies by Broadmoor Artist Mickey Baxter Spade

Wildflowers in Watercolor I’ve seen it a thousand times but today it’s different. It is as though I see each delicate snow flake falling gracefully onto the already snow-dusted ground. A foggy haze covers the city views. It looks so pristine, even the deer haven’t sauntered by to leave their tracks in the snow. Today is […] […]

February Newsletter

Artistic Voyage: News from Mickey February, 2010 Creating an environment around you that you enjoy and are proud to be in elevates your creative process and makes you proud to entertain friends and clients. You can buy art to fill space on your walls or you can purchase art that defines you and your surroundings. Art provides […] […]

Poppies in Acrylic

Poppies have been one of my favorite flowers to paint. This is another of the paintings I finished in time for my Autumn Art & Jewelry Show. The flower symbolism associated with poppies is beauty, magic, consolation, fertility and eternal life. Poppies in Chinese art represent the loyalty and faith between lovers. I find poppies to be […] […]

Bright Red Poppies Painted on Furniture

Poppies are one of my favorite flowers to paint and painting furniture is always a welcome change from painting murals. The bright red poppies on this window seat create a pleasant surprise as one enters the upper level of this beautiful home. […]