An Interview by the Artsy Shark

Carolyn Edlund is a consultant for artists and creative entrepreneurs. On her “Artsy Shark” blog she interviews artists from around the world. This week I was her featured artist. Check out her blog, she is knowledgeable and inspiring. Don’t forget to read her glowing testimonials. Below is a close-up of a portion of one of the […] […]

December 2010 Newsletter

  A Lost Painting December can be such a joyous time of the year. For me it is a time of reflection, looking back on the past year to see how I might better the coming year and to make peace with all the things left undone, for whatever reason. Sometimes I lament the passing of a lost […] […]

November 2010 Newsletter

  Artistic Voyage: News from Mickey November, 2010 A Break from Designing and Painting to Sojourn in Indiana It’s been nearly four weeks since I have held one of my paint brushes. My latest project has required a lot of sketching, scanning, resizing, and other computer preparation before I begin painting. Then there was researching the materials that would withstand the […] […]

American Indian Motif on Hardwood Floor

In addition to painting the surface of the fireplace in the lobby of The Wigwam Resort in Arizona I was also asked to paint American Indian motifs on the hardwood floor in the lobby. Researching American Indian motifs was an interesting study. There were many designs from tribes in the Arizona area. Here are a […] […]

Extensive Portfolio

Upon entering the large commercial design firm the receptionist greeted me, asked if I was Mickey and proceeded to tell me that they had twenty-six designers on staff. Each designer was required to be present every Monday when factory reps gave presentations of new their products. My presentation was to be fit in on a Monday. […] […]

Broadmoor Signature Shop Hand Painted Arch

The Signature Shop is in Broadmoor Main. Items which have a Broadmoor Logo can be found there. When I was asked to design and hand paint an arch for the Signature Shop entrance I thought it would be done in the same color scheme as the arches I had painted in the Golf Clubhouse. When I […] […]

Broadmoor Arch Golf Pro Shop

After the first of the four arches was installed I was asked hand paint an arch directing guests to the Golf Pro Shop. This arch needed to coordinate to the first one but different enough to keep the room interesting. Two items to be incorporated into the design were the Pro Shop logo and a […] […]

Broadmoor Golf Clubhouse Entrance

My thought process in creating the first of four hand painted archways for the Broadmoor was to create continuity between the original artwork in the Main building, which was painted in 1918, and the newly constructed areas. Many of the artists were brought to Colorado by train from New York to work when the hotel […] […]

Update that Resume

As a follow-up to an earlier post entitled “Be Fearless”, I did get the commission for the painting in the Birthing Operating rooms in a local hospital. Still, it amazes me the care they give to assure the comfort of their patients and staff. To learn more about this special hospital and its services read […] […]

Murals to Soothe the Soul

Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs gives such attention to detail when it comes to the comfort of their patients. The oncology area is a special place because of this attention to detail. Each room has a window with wooden blinds and a fabric covered cornice that coordinates to the bedspreads. Each room even has a […] […]