Which Path to Follow

Our Chosen Paths Life is full of paths. We could consider each path we’ve taken as a new chapter in our life. My chosen directions have impacted my life in ways that created magical chapters that beg for reminiscing, while other choices were . . . I was going to say, not so wise but that […] […]

About that little grandson of mine with the zebra . . .

mural with juvenile jungle animals.

Someone emailed and thought that my #2 grandson beside the zebra below was a recent photo. This is a current photo taken last week when he stopped by to retrieve his painting which was on loan for my Open House. He’s grown to be a very cool young man. […]

Enthralling Adventures

Each blank canvas is a new adventure. Two of my grandsons have made sure that I had enthralling adventures for the last two years. In the January newsletter a year ago, I wrote of my oldest grandson’s request for a painting for the living room of his new home. This year grandson #2 asked if I […] […]

April Newsletter: Day Lilies

Blessings of the Season Each season has its own blessing. For me, one of the blessings of Spring is new life, new beginnings, i.e., beautiful spring flowers leading to summer flowers and on to fall flowers. You get the picture. Will I ever get tired of flowers? Doubt it. And with Spring comes the urge to […] […]

February Newsletter

Artistic Voyage: News from Mickey February, 2010 Creating an environment around you that you enjoy and are proud to be in elevates your creative process and makes you proud to entertain friends and clients. You can buy art to fill space on your walls or you can purchase art that defines you and your surroundings. Art provides […] […]

Poppies in Acrylic

Poppies have been one of my favorite flowers to paint. This is another of the paintings I finished in time for my Autumn Art & Jewelry Show. The flower symbolism associated with poppies is beauty, magic, consolation, fertility and eternal life. Poppies in Chinese art represent the loyalty and faith between lovers. I find poppies to be […] […]

Day Lilies in Acrylics

As a continuation of my Autumn Art and Jewelry Show I wanted to share one of my new paintings with you. Four new paintings were completed and framed in time for the show. Of course, I always think I can do more. The first one I will share with you is “Tranquility”. Day lilies, hermerocallis fulva, […] […]

Hand Written Note Cards, A Thing of the Past?

Does receiving a hand written note make you feel special? Are you impressed by someone who would take the time to physically write you note? Well I’ve heard from different sources that hand written cards are making a come back! Recently I had a coach tell me how she encourages here clients to send hand written […] […]

Fine Art Note Cards for Inspiration

Are you blessed with someone in your life who inspires you and makes you laugh? If you pay attention you’ll know someone like this. Here is a suggestion for a thank you note you might like to send to someone who is an inspiration to you. “You inspire me to be my best, you make me […] […]