An Interview by the Artsy Shark

Carolyn Edlund is a consultant for artists and creative entrepreneurs. On her “Artsy Shark” blog she interviews artists from around the world. This week I was her featured artist. Check out her blog, she is knowledgeable and inspiring. Don’t forget to read her glowing testimonials.

Below is a close-up of a portion of one of the areas I painted at The Wigwam Resort and Golf Club in Arizona. Painting nature is still one of my favorite subjects. The article also touches on a ceiling I painted at the Broadmoor Resort in Colorado, a shot of a canna lily (life size, about 6 ft. tall)  painted at Kingsmill Resort in Virginia as well as one of my new found painting enjoyments, hand painted Christmas ornaments. Check them out! Would love to answer any questions you might have. Just write them in the comment box.

Mural painted at The Wigwam Resort and Golf Club in AZ.




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