As a child growing up in Indiana, I spent way too much time sketching my classmate’s profiles, at least some of my teachers seemed to think so. By my mid-twenties I was a passionate ceramist and fearlessly opened my first teaching studio. The desire to paint on large surfaces was always at the forefront of my mind. Soon tall floor vases weren’t large enough.

While attending a tole painting workshop in 1984 I was taken by the elegance of the stunning decorative painting on the studio walls. Upon my return home I began painting samples for presentations to interior design firms. Swept up in a creative whirlwind, I was taken from teaching ceramics to designing custom borders for Parade of Homes and residential settings.

A move to Colorado spurred the discovery of an exquisite blend of artistic culture and some of the most beautiful country in America. The majestic Rocky Mountains, the Colorado sunsets, and the diversity of the art community became a wellspring of design inspiration.

Curiosity ignited a love for design. I taught myself to create faux finishes and the art of Trompe L’oeil. Combining the unusual with the unexpected became my passion: castles floating on water, fairies inside and on top of floating bubbles, little critters hiding in secret places and always a little bee to let onlookers know I had been there.

In Colorado, I was blessed with introductions to talented interior designers allowing my brushes to delicately touch the walls, floors, and ceilings of four and five-star resorts, hospitals, corporate offices, churches and hundreds of homes.

Georgia, my new home of choice, is closer to family and my grandsons. A new life and a new kind of beauty. The history and grand architecture of Southern Georgia communities continue to inspire. Lucious flora and fauna is abundant for creating fine art, greeting cards and heirloom Christmas ornaments for those who want to journey through life soulfully surrounded by the kind of beauty they love to take in.